cores Gold Filter C240 cores Gold Filter C240 cores Gold Filter C240 cores Gold Filter C240

cores Gold Filter C240

Pure-gold plated metal filter that extracts the best flavor from your coffee.

price $29.10
Pure gold plating on stainless steel, polypropylene.

Product Specifications:
These three elements make cores coffee good.

➢Materials: Stainless plated with a durable double-layering of pure gold, which is resistance to oxidization that causes the deterioration of coffee.

➢Slit Shape: The vertical slits facilitate the exit of liquid coffee from the filter. Their shape is optimal for high-temperature short-time extraction ideal for bringing out the characteristics of the coffee.

➢Processing: The mesh holes are punched from the inside out improving the flow of liquid coffee out of the filter and speeding up short-time extraction even further.

Product Overview
The cores filter extracts your coffee’s characteristics directly which makes for a different flavor from paper-drip coffee.
The gold-plated mesh is especially resistant to chemical reactions preventing influence on the coffee’s flavor and aroma.
C240 size is recommended for brewing of 1-5 cups.

Neither mold nor smells stick to the filter making it easy to keep sanitary.
We highly recommend trying this filter if you have fresh and high-quality beans. It’s one more great way to enjoy coffee.

Compatibility with Coffee Makers
Compatible with the Russell Hobbs 5-Cup Coffeemaker 7610JP

A minimal amount of fine coffee particles will be extracted with the coffee. This does not indicate a problem with quality of the product. The amount of fine particles may change depending on the grind and extraction method.

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Under the ordinary condition, international shipping will take approximately from two weeks to maximum of four weeks depending on the destinations.

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